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Sirena aqua is part of the Sirena Group which is one of the most prestigious seafood companies in the world, with its many years as a leading marketeer of the most exclusive species that includes, Cold-Water Shrimp, Lobster, Snow-Crab, Greenland Halibut and Cod. The Sirena brand has over the years build a greatly recognized and respected brand with exclusive access to many of the worlds most premium seafood customers. The Sirena mermaid is known for high-quality and sustainable seafood. We are proud to deliver both great value to our suppliers and customers through this brand. Wild seafood is however not expected to grow in future years -unlike our own species – Sirena Aqua has been born to help close this gap, by supporting the prosperity of selected aquaculture companies and thereby alleviate the pressure on the wild seafood populations.

Sirena Aqua first came to exist when our company launched the world’s largest cod aquaculture company; Norcod. Norcod is a true representation of the principles behind Sirena Aqua and a reference base to our selection criterions of other producers. Sirena Aqua is the sole marketeer of Norcod and has demonstrated how our strong customer base and mermaid brand can help a sustainable aquaculture company be positioned at the most premium seafood customers and in turn thrive.


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