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Since its inception, Norcod has had an unwavering commitment to uniting productivity with animal welfare and minimal carbon emissions. Our mission is to ensure that a larger share of the world’s future food supply will be sustainably produced at sea.

Sustainable aquaculture is essential to solving this global challenge. And our solution is grounded in a responsible 360-approach covering every part of our operation.

Stock health:Free from antibiotics

Minimal eco-impact:From fish, feed, and waste

Sustainable feed: Natural and highly digestible

High efficiency: Up to 98% fish utilization

Low emissions: Electric instead of diesel vessels



Our farmed cod supports 5 of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals

2 NO HUNGERCod farming is an incredibly sustainable production method with a limited impact on the planet’s resources. Done right, Cod farming is scalable and potentially in supplying a growing population with healthy food.

3 GOOD HEALTHCod as a food source brings numerous health benefits. Cod is an excellent source of high-quality protein and amino acids.

12 RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTIONOur Cod is rated as “Green fish – Eat with a good conscience.” With an FCR rating of 1.1, farmed Cod ranks among the world’s most efficient food sources.

14 LIFE BELOW WATER Our Atlantic Cod is sustainably produced and doesn’t harm the wild stock, making it an attractive alternative to wild-caught seafood.

17 PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOALSNorcod is the culmination of an innovative collaboration between several companies across industries and countries.

Feed for thought

High-quality nutrients are vital to keep our Cod healthy and thriving while ensuring a balanced growth. Our feed contains high levels of marine proteins and lipids, it's completely natural and easy to digest.
Foodstuff sustainability

Feed ingredients are exclusively sourced from well-documented suppliers. Marine-derived content comes from ICES-regulated fisheries, guaranteeing that no feed result from overfishing and only from regulated stocks. Soy-based ingredients are GMO-free and grown in Europe.
Other certifications guaranteeing feed sustainability also include MSC / ISEAL and IFFO-RS.
Feed contents

• Protein: 48-56% (80-90% marine origin)
• Fat: 18-22% (100% marine origin)
Animal welfare

The welfare of our North Atlantic Cod is of uppermost importance. We raise our fish in clear Norwegian waters, in similar environment as wild-living cod. The main difference is our ability to harvest and process the Cod much quicker.
Our Cod is treated to natural and highly digestible feed that ensures a well-balanced growth while fulfilling all its nutritional requirements.


Norcod is in the process of becoming certified by GLOBALG.A.P., a globally recognized standard for safe and sustainable agricultural practices. The organization seeks to unite farmers and food producers in meeting the world’s growing food demand in a responsible fashion.

Additionally, our young company is in the process of securing ASC certification for responsible aquaculture practices relating to environmental impacts, workers’ rights, and local engagements.

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